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La Cumbre de Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU

Separemos la funcionalidad general que es igual entre inglés y español (si se muestra o no el título de la categoría, que no es algo que vayamos a cambiar) de la traducción propiamente dicha. Parece que no te gusta el término utilizado para Overview. ¿Tiene alternativas que quiera proponer? Sería útil.

Otro motivo que llevó a elegir esa traducción fue que si lo llamamos «vista general», se vuelve incoherente tener una visión general dentro de otra visión general y, además, «Visión general médico» no me define a mí lo que me voy a encontrar.

Igualmente, cualquier sugerencia es siempre bienvenida y entre aquellos que formamos el equipo de traductores podemos evaluar la posibilidad de cambiarla pero, como digo, creo que es (a falta de otra que no se nos haya ocurrido), la traducción más adecuada.

Gracias por la explicación @alvaro87, es muy útil. Sin embargo, en este caso estoy de acuerdo en gran medida con @delisau y preferiría ceñirme más a la traducción original. En primer lugar, como él señala, en la versión inglesa usamos Overview tanto para la primera cabecera del sourceless como para los elementos que lo contienen;

Pica-Pica – The Lady of the Lanterns (Official Videoclip)

Samary, who uses Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs as examples, recalls that «the most successful entrepreneurs didn’t chase the quick buck, they embarked on a personal project and success came later. Seek to be excellent in everything you do and you will make a difference.»

«Fall in love with your project, but don’t get stuck, it is very important to know when to get out,» reminds Samary, who recommends: «you must always be innovating, and always be aware of the business model. It is crucial to identify the inflection points and to know how to pull out in time.

Speaking specifically about her sector, Samary explains that, unlike what happens with newspapers, «reading magazines is a moment of leisure, which is why 94% of female readers still prefer the paper format, even if they later consult online content».

To conclude, Samary Fernández Feito left a phrase written on a window of the Vivero de Moratalaz: «No matter how much business models change, no matter how much technology changes, no matter how much we have to innovate, the most important thing is always the team, THE PEOPLE».

What to see in EL SALVADOR, America’s little lizard

In this context, I understand prudence and moderation as the corresponding cardinal virtues. Thus, the former refers to the virtue of the same name, ‘prudentia’; that is, the ability to make the right choice in time in a difficult situation, in preparation for carrying out the subsequent appropriate action. It is what in English is called ‘practical wisdom’, as opposed to wisdom understood as ‘sapientiae’ or as pure cunning.

Moderation, on the other hand, is analogous to temperance (‘temperantia’), the capacity to repress extreme passions and other forms of excessive behavior. These two characteristics, prudence and moderation, determine what can be called a balanced character. Finally, tradition would be a repository of practical knowledge accumulated in our political community, which we acquire through previous generations.

To summarize: conservatism is also in 2023 an attitude, based on the ability to identify the best available option, at the right time, excluding exaggerated passions and other forms of loss of mental and cognitive balance, coupled with humble trust in the wisdom of those who have preceded us.

«algramo» looks to boost bulk sales in warehouses.

And congratulations to Chuck Schumer on another term as minority [majority] leader in the Senate, you know, I think, only this time he has a slightly larger majority. Mr. Leader. You’re the majority leader – how much bigger? (Laughter).

Well, I want to tell you, I want to offer special recognition to someone who I think will go down as the greatest Speaker in the history of this House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. (Applause).

As we gather here tonight, we are writing the next chapter in the great American story, a story of progress and resilience. When world leaders ask me to define America — and they do, believe it or not — I say I define it with one word, and I believe it: Possibilities. We don’t think there is anything beyond our capacity. Everything is possible.

And in fact, I’ve signed more than 300 bipartisan pieces of legislation since I’ve been president. From the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act to the Election Recount Reform Act to the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects the right to marry the person you love.

Mr. Cooker
Mr. Cooker