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Overnight oats fit

«They allow you to let your imagination run wild,» comments nutritionist Margie Saidel. «The interesting thing is to experiment and have fun.» In addition to being yummy, this meal provides a high nutritional content. «Flaked oats are a great choice for breakfast or snacking – this is the most delicious way to eat oatmeal – because these whole grains contain so many nutrients and fiber,» she says.

Don’t have time to reheat it? No problem. «Oatmeal is just as good cold or at room temperature,» says Saidel. «Even if the temperature changes, the nutritional content will be the same.»

Dessert in a cup? Yes, please. Thanks to festive flavors like nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, this healthy breakfast will transport you to bliss itself (even when it was really doggy weather outside).

If you want a slight variation on standard oatmeal mixes, try muesli, a variation on seeded oatmeal and granola, and yogurt for a creamy texture. Also, the combination of mint, lime and coconut will serve to create a beachy atmosphere.

How healthy are overnight oats?


Overnight oats recipes are very easy to prepare, very nutritious and very filling. Due to their fiber content, they help regulate cholesterol and blood glucose.

How many calories are in an overnight OAT?

There are 339 calories in one serving of overnight oats.

Does overnight oats help you lose weight?

Are overnight oats good for weight loss? Yes! If you are looking for an effortless breakfast recipe that is rich in nutrients and can help you reach your weight loss goals successfully, this overnight oats recipe is just for you. Overnight soaked oatmeal has incredible nutritional content and many health benefits.

Overnight oats low in calories

Since I was a little girl, I have always had a fascination for cooking and especially for healthy food. Cooking is a whole science, where each ingredient plays an important role in texture, flavor and appearance of the final result. I love experimenting with ingredients, seeing how you can create delicious things with natural ingredients that are good for your body.

Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to anything to do with food because I like to eat well. During the pandemic, when I had more free time, I started cooking a lot. People started asking me for my recipes and that’s why I opened my Instagram; to be able to share, with a step-by-step video, every recipe I make. I try to make my recipes practical and easy so that anyone can make them.

I’m Geovana better known as Chef Black Mamba, chef by profession, foodie by choice. I am passionate about cooking, eating, creating new dishes, trying new ingredients, innovating, making recipes for all tastes. I want to share my love for cooking in every dish with easy ingredients that we have at home.

Overnight oats advantages and disadvantages

Batch cooking is a method that saves time, saves money and ensures healthy, fresh, homemade dishes with little effort every day. It consists of dedicating a few hours (between 2 and 3) one day a week (usually Sunday) to prepare large quantities of a variety of foods that we can preserve, combine and freeze for the rest of the week. It’s simple. And it changes everything.

This week we’re going to start with a recipe for Overnight Oats, a very cool name to describe «Soaked Oatmeal». There’s something about English names that always sound better. But recently someone told me that the names I made up for the recipes were cool (aka Pink Bliss Balls for example) but when it came to searching and finding a recipe it wasn’t very practical. Oups!

Having a good weekly plan based on batch cooking helps you to have healthy, complete, quick and easy meals the rest of the week. In addition, having your shopping list for each weekly planning saves you not only time and money when you go shopping but you will also avoid throwing food away.

Overnight oats benefits

In this post we are going to tell you everything you need to know about overnight oats, or soaked oatmeal, a preparation in a jar with a base of oat flakes, very simple to prepare and with which you will solve your breakfasts in a quick and healthy way. We will explain how to prepare the basic recipe and 5 different flavoring ideas so that you have more resources. Of course, you can customize it with your favorite ingredients. And, in addition, you will benefit from all the advantages of this cereal rich in protein, unsaturated fats and very digestive and restorative.

As for the liquid, the most common is to use vegetable drink: oat, almond, coconut, sesame or cashew, for example. You can easily make them at home using a Vitamix blender or a Vegan Milker.

Both chia seeds and ground flaxseeds add more pudding-like texture and extra fiber, omega-3s and protein. And, although optional, we always include them. In fact, most of the time we use our Bauckhof Basis muesli instead of flakes, because it is already enriched with flaxseeds.

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